Meet the band

Men In Black’s passion for energetic party rock is a result of the band’s musical leanings. Formed originally in the early 1990s by high school friends Brad, Keith, Bob, and Joe, the band was playing some of rock’s best contemporary songs at the time. The set list included an exciting collection of pop rock, alternative, grunge, and classic rock.

After an extended pause to pursue life’s other offerings, Men In Black re-formed in 2011 and was joined by high school classmate and long-time friend Larry. Expanding upon their original roots, the set list combines a vibrant and unique mix of popular songs with an edge from the 1960s to the 2010s, including many selections from the band’s 1990s period. Crowds love the song mix, and many have complimented Men In Black for playing songs not typically heard elsewhere. Our dear friend Larry semi-retired in late 2018, but the band continued forward by adding another friend from the past as App State (and NC State) alumni Jeff joined. Men in Black plays regularly at The Deck in Jamestown, Bull's Tavern, Foothills BrewPub, Second and Green Tavern and Break Time Billiards in Winston-Salem as well as Mac's Tavern in Cary.  They have appeared at numerous other venues including Amos' Southend in Charlotte. Wherever you find Men in Black, be ready for a lively show of favorites from many genres.





Brad's vast musical knowledge has allowed him to build a full repertoire to call upon in his vocal endeavors.  His voice is a signature part of Men in Black.  Brad was active in the Charlotte music scene with The Noble Savages and as the lead singer of Shattered, a Rolling Stones tribute band. From the Ramones to Mellencamp, Rolling Stones to Tom Petty, Brad delivers lead vocals with energy and enthusiasm.

Keith's love of drums came at an early age.  Playing along to the top bands of the 60's and 70's, Keith developed a steady, Charlie Watts type style that isn't flashy, but never misses a beat.  Tasteful, well placed fills during his time with Plush, The Crow, Blue Velvet Burns and Jefferson Road have become the norm. His alter ego, King Conga, comes out when playing with Larry and Bob in Nearly Normal Noise and he mans the full set for Whistle Pig.

Jeff is the latest edition to Men in Black though he's no stranger to the band. Like Joe, Jeff is an engineer in real life, too. (Is there a trend here?) In addition to his background in engineering, Jeff has a degree in Music from Appalachian State, where he became friends with Keith and Brad way back in the day. Jeff is originally from Burlington and has landed back there after having lived in various corners of the southeast. He's played guitar, bass and keyboards in various groups over the years, but is especially excited about joining forces with Men in Black.

Bob is a rock solid, lay it down bassist, who keeps the train rolling.  His experience includes playing with bands such as Plush, Phaze, Doc Savage, Blue Velvet Burns and Jefferson Road.  While living in Charlotte, his time was spent with Noble Savages, The Jones Effect, Flashback and Linthead.  He plays with Larry and Keith in the acoustic group Nearly Normal Noise and blues oriented Whistle Pig. He is the bassist for Cary based Doubt No More.

Joe is an engineer in real life and he uses that same, meticulous mindset in his approach to lead guitar.  Whether it's a Les Paul or a Telecaster pumping through that Marshall, Joe's going to get it right!  He's played in various rock, punk rock and pop bands in North Carolina and Virgina down through the years including Plush, Phaze, Doc Savage and Blue Velvet Burns.  Let him know you appreciate it by yelling 'Turn it up!".

Larry's love for guitar started when his dad gave him that first Harmony.  Various influences make him versatile, whether it's blues, grunge or acoustic.  His dapper appearance and wardrobe make his stage presence unavoidable.  Take time to enjoy his well placed riffs and soulful voice honed with stints in Plush, Nagual, The Crow and Nearly Normal Noise.